Antenatal Classes Testimonials

6 week Antenatal Course

"Our birth was the most magical positive experience we have both been through. Robin was absolutely amazing and even though nothing... literally nothing went to plan, thanks to your incredible advice, what to expect, the techniques you showed us, all of these made Robin so relaxed knowing we were prepared, that our Little Maggy came out so perfectly. Such a positive magical experience that we can’t wait to go through again. We really can’t thank you enough. We had the most magical journey!!!"   Neil B, dad to Maggy, born December 2017

"Although we didn't have the calm, relaxed water birth we planned, we were given everything we needed from your classes, even with it being as traumatic as it was. Thank you for all that you taught us, to help us through the entire experience and be able to enjoy from pregnancy to parenthood - it's been invaluable."  Matt W, dad to Freddie, born November 2017

"Thanks for everything. I truly believe your advice and classes made my labour not only manageable but also enjoyable."   Linzi B. mum to Oliver, born Nov. 2017

"I don't think I could have gone through this experience if it wasn't for the advice and knowledge that you had shared with us. I went into labour knowing that whatever happens, my body will and can do whatever is needed and it did just that. Words can't even come close to thank you for everything Sarah."      Vikki B, mum to Poppy, born November 2017

"Thanks so much for giving such an informative course, it would have been a very different birth experience without the knowledge you gave us."  Lucie, mum to Harriet, born September 2017

"The classes have been excellent and made us both feel a lot more ready and prepared for our new adventure! The course has made me worry less about things and it has been nice to share stories/experiences/worries/changes with other people. Thank you for making us feel so welcome and answering all our questions .... you have certainly made me feel more positive about the labour so fingers crossed!!"  Emma C, baby due May 2017

"Thank you for a very helpful and incredibly informative experience. The course exceeded my expectations in every way, by being informative and non-judgemental. I now feel much more secure and confident about labour, birth and early parenthood."  Tom B, baby due May 2017

"Thank you very much for your lovely antenatal classes. The tools you've offered in them have been such a help during my pregnancy.  And thank you for sharing your wide knowledge and creative ideas with such warmth and positive energy. I learned so much more than I thought I would.  I enjoyed the content and delivery.  You are extremely knowledgeable about birth, we couldn't have been in safer hands.  You're a brilliant person to do what you do."  Jenn K, mum to Cara, born July 2015

"I just wanted to extend a huge thank you for running the course.  When I started out, you may remember my desires from the course were (among others) to be able to walk away knowing that I could support my wife through the labour process. Thanks to you and the information provided, I not only went into it with a better understanding, but it also gave me the confidence to speak out during the latter stages of labour when I felt it was the right thing for my wife.  Having the knowledge about more effective birth positions definitely made a difference after a seemingly never-ending 28hrs, and at a critical time, potentially prevented a more assisted labour...I (we) can only thank you for that."  Michael N-K, dad to Sidney, born December 2015

"An informative course which enabled me to understand how to support my wife throughout the later stages of pregnancy, labour and once our baby was born.  When labour started we both remained calm and enjoyed going through this special time together."  Jamie D, dad to Martha, born November 2015

"Sarah's antenatal classes were quite simply amazing! Without them and her wealth of knowledge and sound advice, my husband and I feel we'd be ill equipped to deal with a new baby. We are aware that you do learn from experience but there are so many aspects of childbirth and the first few months of the baby's life of which we would not be aware had it not been for Sarah's classes. Thank you so much. We are so grateful to you."
Abbie S, Mum to Isaac, born November 2015

"Sarah provided a very encouraging, unbiased and objective sounding board where I felt I didn’t have to hold back my questions. Would definitely recommend."  Laura S, mum to Isla, born August 2014.


Men only Antenatal Class

"This was my favourite session - I liked that we could talk frankly to each other. "  Sean, Oct 2014

"This was an important session, as we managed to discuss issues we have away from our partners. As well as having a beer!" Jon, Oct 2014

"The men only class is a good idea. Men generally relax more in this type of environment."  Phil, July 2014.