Postnatal Classes and Courses

We have a range of postnatal courses and workshops to attend, predominantly focussing on you and your well being as a mother.

  • our "newborn mothers" classes are aimed at first time mums with babies up to 12 weeks old, thinking about the reality of this action packed and often chaotic new life you find yourself in, and giving you a chance to find out that you're not alone!
  • our birth trauma workshops are full day events, helping you to make sense of a negative birth experience, with the help of art therapists and a parenting consultant.
  • our calm parenting courses are designed to help empower you to be the parent you want to be, whatever the age ofyour child/ren.
  • if you're looking for a gentle step back into exercise after the birth, our baby and mama relax course could be for you! Focussing on the pelvic floor and core muscles, you bring your baby with you, but the session is designed to give you some much needed "me time".
  • baby massage is a lovely activity to do with your baby, helping you to understand your baby's cues and signals better, increasing bonding and communication, and with many physical benefits for your baby too. Dads enjoy learning this skill too, so we have a special class just for them.
  • as your baby gets bigger and ready for more in their diet than just milk, join us for a confident weaning workshop to learn about when, what and how to introduce solid foods to your baby.

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