Four babies this year!

I feel like I have been pregnant throughout this year - with quads! And each baby has made its appearance into the world on a different date, when the time was right (remember the saying "Mama knows how, baby knows when"?!). The first arrival was my Visualisations for Labour CD - a very long time in the making, but finally ready in the Spring, and very exciting it was to hold that baby in my hands, and see it change from a vague idea to a hard copy! 

My second baby arrived about a month ago, when I launched Two Minute Topics on the Birth Baby Balance YouTube channel. With four titles in the series now on line, and plans to release a new one each week until I run out of things to say ;-), I hope that baby will just grow and grow! 

And today I am thrilled to announce the arrival of the last two of my quads! Our sparkling new website is the first one, and very beautiful I think it is too (though I know that all new parents think that their baby is gorgeous!). I am hoping that this baby will pretty much take care of itself now it has arrived safely earth side - I certainly needed a lot of help from my wonderful husband to get it here! 

And if you look carefully through the website, you will find the fourth of my babies hidden within its pages. From next year (April, to be precise) I will be running my own antenatal courses, rather than delivering them for another organisation. I am really excited about this new expansion of our services and do hope that all my past clients (in whatever capacity) will be happy to spread the word and tell their pregnant friends that Birth Baby Balance antenatal classes are the ones to go to! The April/May courses will be held at Madley Park in Witney and at the Cotswold Birth Centre in Chipping Norton, and are for June/July due dates. More dates will be coming soon, so keep an eye out. 

Thank you to all our past and present clients - doula, pregnancy classes, baby classes, listeners to the CD, and watchers of the videos - for all your support and for helping Birth Baby Balance go from strength to strength! We couldn't do it without you :-). Gotta go now - my newest baby is calling - this one still needs lots of attention before it is ready to go out in public next April!

Sarah Boyd 001 CD Jewel case booklet 2pp.jpg