New Year, New Adventure!

Happy New Year! I wonder what 2016 will bring for us all? 

Here at Birth Baby Balance, I have a new venture which I am very excited to be announcing. From April of this year, I am going to be facilitating my own Antenatal Courses in both Witney and Chipping Norton. These 6 week courses consist of 7 sessions - 5 evening classes for couples, one evening class just for the dads (held in a pub) and one daytime class just for the mums. Topics covered are all the old favourites - preparing for labour and birth, what happens during labour and birth, the role of the birth partner, possible complications including inductions and Caesareans, feeding options - breast and bottle, postnatal recovery, realities of life with a new baby, and more! As I feel that understanding the importance of being relaxed is vitally important to help both with the labour and life as a new parent, every woman attending the course will receive a copy of Sarah Boyd's Visualisations for Labour CD. There will be lots of opportunities to ask questions, share experiences, compare opinions, and, most importantly of all, make friends who are expecting a baby at around the same time as you and who will provide you with a great support network once the babies are born.

And because we all know how tricky it can be when you're pregnant to really comprehend the impact that having a new baby will have on your life, and how you will feel emotionally once the baby is here, each course has an additional, optional session to attend after the birth. This can be booked at the same time as the main course, or later, once the baby has arrived. It is a daytime session open to all new mums and they bring their babies with them. This session will be facilitated by the wonderful Kirsten Hanlon, Parenting Consultant. It will give you the chance to make a bit of sense of the wide range of emotions you may be feeling after the birth of your baby - the overpowering love felt by many new mums, or the lack of connection felt by others; the huge sense of responsibility to look after this vulnerable little person - arguably the most important job in the world, with far reaching implications, but one with little or no training or technical support beforehand or on-the-job; the frustration felt by the lack of control experienced in everyday life with an unpredictable baby, or the joy at not being restricted to a work-related timetable of 9-5; the guilt that seems to accompany motherhood, regardless of how you're feeling about your baby and how things seem to be going for you.

The courses will be held at Madley Park Hall in Witney, and the Cotswold Birth Centre in Chipping Norton. We will be facilitating 6 courses a year in each venue, running approximately to school term times. The first courses will start w/c 11th April, and are for June/July birth dates. Booking for these courses is now open, and full details can be found here. So please spread the word amongst any pregnant friends in the Witney and Chippy areas - we all know that personal recommendation is a powerful motivator, so I hope you will feel able to suggest these courses to local women!