A three week evening course

Do you feel your parenting can seem like endless days filled with challenges which turn you into ‘shouty mummy’ followed closely by ‘guilty mummy’ and then over-indulgent ‘sorry mummy’. 

If you feel this is your parenting style and you're operating as 'so tired I just don't have the energy mummy' and you wish to manage the everyday challenges more positively and calmly, this Calm Parenting course is for you.

Calm Parenting course content includes:

  • understand the (surprising) reasons for being ‘shouty’

  • identify your true parenting issues

  • discover simple strategies to create calm and peace

  • develop positive ways to cope with day-to-day parenting challenges

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Covering a range of parenting challenges, I share positive parenting techniques to help you understand family dynamics and overcome every day issues calmly and with mutual success.

Have these questions answered and more...

  • How do my partner and I agree on parenting styles?

  • Am I doing something wrong when my child is having a tantrum?

  • Why do I feel so guilty all the time?

  • What exactly does my child’s behaviour mean?


Attending the Calm Parenting course can help you and your child get back on track to a loving, positive and happy relationship.

Sessions are delivered with empathy and good humour, allowing you to feel at ease about your concerns while sharing welcome ideas on how to manage common parenting issues.



Course Dates for 2019

Wednesdays 9th, 16th and 23rd October, 8 - 9.30pm


£45 for 3 week course, including refreshments.


The Retreat, 29A High Street, Milton-under-Wychwood, OX7 6LD.

Weekend Courses

next date to be confirmed


£57 for the day, including refreshments.


The Yoga Room, Balance Studios, Bridge Street Mill, Bridge Street, Witney. Oxon OX28 1YH