If someone dear to you is expecting a baby, then treat them to a gift that will make a lasting impression - some practical help and support in the early days, a baby massage course that has innumerable benefits to both mum and baby, or a chance for a bit of relaxing and stretching whilst meeting other new mums and forming friendships. Each option can be a really lovely gift to give and to receive.

Gift vouchers are available for either postnatal doula services (£20 per hour, minimum spend 2 hours), baby massage courses (£60) or baby and mama relax courses (£60).

Vouchers for courses can be purchased here. You will be taken to a separate page to fill in your details and pay by card for the voucher.

Vouchers for postnatal doula support can be purchased at the bottom of this page.

The vouchers do not show how much has been spent. They are valid for a year from the baby’s due date.


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