Placenta encapsulation is the process of having your placenta collected after birth, dehydrated, ground up and made into capsules.


Why do it?

As there is very little published research on the effects of taking placenta capsules, you might like to hear what the women themselves have told me:

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"I took my capsules for 7 weeks post birth and although this was my first baby so I have no comparison, I felt healed, energetic and full of breast milk straight away!" Apryl, Sept 2016


"I had an awful pregnancy including severe pre-natal depression & insomnia (I had never experienced either before). Both I and my Doctors were worried about post natal depression as a result. A friend from the US recommended placenta encapsulation - I am so glad I took her recommendation. I certainly didn't have post natal depression, & despite having a baby (now 7 months) who has never been much of a sleeper, I felt energetic, really happy & healthy post birth (and still do despite the 3 wake ups per night from my baby!) In addition my skin and hair looked fantastic post birth, my milk supply was great (still is) & I felt very balanced despite being a new Mum and previously being really depressed during pregnancy." Becky, Sept 2016

"The capsules made me feel balanced and in harmony. I felt a boost of energy even through the lack of sleep of the first days. My mood was positive." Margarita, Dec 2016

"My milk supply was beyond and everyone kept commenting on how well I looked!" Susannah, July 2018



What happens?

If you are interested in finding out more, or making a booking, please email me with your due date and where you are planning to give birth, and I will send you a booking form and detailed information sheet describing the different products that can be made from your placenta, and explaining what you need to do in advance of the birth.  If you decide to go ahead with a booking, you need to fill in and return the booking form to me, along with your payment. Once I have received these, I will send you detailed instructions on how to care for your placenta until I arrive to collect it. Two to three weeks before your due date, I will send you a chill pack, containing a cool bag, ice blocks, and a container to store the placenta in.  When you go into labour, you let me know by text. When the placenta arrives, you let me know again, and I will come to collect it from wherever your baby was born, as soon as possible, usually within a few hours. I take the placenta home, dehydrate it, grind it into a powder, make it into capsules and return these to you by post within a couple of days. If you have ordered any other products, these will be returned to you at the same time, or whenever they are ready.


The Placenta Remedies Network has put together a “Guide for Expectant Parents” which includes an extensive list of FAQs, to help you understand the process, the options, the myths and any possible complications or contraindications. To see if your question is listed, please click here.


Other Placenta Products available:

In addition to your placenta capsules, you can also order

  • placenta homeopathic remedies for mum and baby

  • placenta prints

  • placenta tincture

  • placenta essence

Each order also comes with a free umbilical cord keepsake.

The minimum order is for capsules. Any other products can be added to this order if required.



Placenta encapsulation prices start at £185. Full price list of all other placenta products available on our Prices page.

If you would like a booking form or information sheet, please contact me on, telling me when your baby is due, and where you are planning on having it.



Area covered:

I provide these services to women across Oxfordshire, whether they are having their babies at home or at the John Radcliffe in Oxford, the Horton in Banbury or one of the birth centres in Chipping Norton, Wantage or Wallingford. I can also collect placentas from Swindon, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Reading, the West Midlands, Warwick and Worcester.


More Info:

To read more testimonials about the service we offer, click here.

To provide this service, I trained with the Independent Placenta Encapsulation Network (IPEN),  am registered with the Placenta Remedies Network, and have certification in Infection Control of Blood Borne Pathogens and Food Hygiene and Safety. I am also registered with Environmental Health.

If you are interested in finding out more about placenta encapsulation, and the research behind the benefits, please take a look at the Placenta Remedies Network.