Newborn Mothers Classes: the class your baby wants you to go to.

Parenthood is full of uncharted territory and having the opportunity to discuss thoughts, options and feelings with others in the same boat can be a helpful way of making sense of your new landscape, and help prevent you feeling overwhelmed.

We offer a three week Newborn Mothers course, covering a range of issues in depth, especially in the very early weeks. It is suitable for mamas with babies 0-3 months old, and, of course, you bring your baby with you.

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Newborn Mothers Course for New Parents

This course offers in-depth information and expertise on the key factors of a successful early days experience.

Kirsten leads the sessions and is supported by local experts when applicable. The focus includes changing relationships, managing expectations, the realities of the early days and more…
Session 1: Exploring the Early Days - considering the realities of life with a new baby (this session is included in the price of the six week antenatal course)
Session 2: Feeding and Sleeping - what's normal? (co-facilitated by a Maternity Support Worker)
Session 3: Baby and Child First Aid (facilitated by a First Aid professional)

For a successful postnatal experience for both you and baby, book on to the Newborn Mothers Course now.

£66 per course.

If you have booked onto the six week antenatal course, and would like to attend all three of the Newborn Mothers classes, you are welcome to do so. The price for the additional two sessions is £46. Please drop Kirsten an email to secure your place on the extra sessions:

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Course dates for 2019

Wychwoods Courses

January course: 15th January 11-12.30pm, 22nd January, 11-1pm and 29th January, 11-12.30pm - only 3 spaces left!

February course: 26th February and 5th March, 11-12.30pm, and 12th March, 11-1pm

March course: 26th March and 2nd April, 11-12.30pm and 23rd April, 11-1pm

April course: 30th April and 7th May, 11-12.30pm and 14th May, 11-1pm

June course: 4th and 18th June, 11-12.30pm and 25th June, 11-1pm

July course; 2nd July, 11-12.30pm, 9th July, 11-1pm and 16th July, 11-12.30pm


Chipping Norton courses

January course: 23rd January, 12.30-2pm, 30th January, 12.30-2.30pm and 7th February, 12.30-2pm

February course: 27th February and 6th March, 12.30-2pm and 13th March, 12.30-2.30pm

March course: 27th March and 3rd April, 12.30-2pm and 24th April, 12.30-2.30pm

May course: 1st and 8th May, 12.30-2pm and 15th May, 12.30-2.30pm

June course: 5th and 18th June, 12.30-2pm and 26th June, 12.30-2.30pm

July course: 3rd July, 12.30-2pm, 10th July, 12.30-2.30pm and 17th July, 12.30-2pm



Milton-under-Wychwood sessions are all held at The Retreat, 29A High Street, Milton-under-Wychwood, OX7 6LD.

Chipping Norton courses are held in the Rainbow Room of the ACE Centre, Burford Rd, Chipping Norton 0X7 5DZ