Newborn Mothers Classes: the class your baby wants you to go to.

Parenthood is full of uncharted territory and having the opportunity to discuss thoughts, options and feelings with others in the same boat can be a helpful way of making sense of your new landscape, and help prevent you feeling overwhelmed.

We offer a three week Newborn Mothers course, covering a range of issues in depth, especially in the very early weeks. It is suitable for mamas with babies 0-3 months old, and, of course, you bring your baby with you.

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Newborn Mothers Course for New Parents

This course offers in-depth information and expertise on the key factors of a successful early days experience.

Kirsten and Lucy lead the first two sessions. The focus includes changing relationships, managing expectations, the realities of the early days and more…
Session 1: Exploring the Early Days - considering the realities of life with a new baby (this session is included in the price of the six week antenatal course)
Session 2: Feeding and Sleeping - what's normal?
Session 3: Baby and Child First Aid (facilitated by a First Aid professional)

When to attend

You will get the most from the course if you come in the first three months after your baby is born, as that is when the impact of a new baby is most keenly felt.

If you are attending one of our six week antenatal courses, then the first session of the Newborn Mothers course is included in your package. Kirsten will introduce herself to you at the Women Only class of the antenatal course, and you will then have the opportunity of bolting on the next two sessions of the Newborn Mothers course for an additional £46 if you would like to. She will send you a direct booking link by email. Your partner is welcome to attend the first two sessions with you for no additional cost, but if s/he would like to attend the First Aid session, they will need to book their place for that separately.

If you have not attended an antenatal course with us, but would like to come to the Newborn Mothers course, we would love to see you there. It is a wonderful way to meet other new mums in your area, and to be reassured about your feelings around becoming a mum in the early weeks. The cost is £66, and can be booked on using the Book Now button on this page. Your partner is welcome to attend the first two sessions with you, but will need to book and pay separately for the First Aid course if they wish to attend that one too.

If you have booked our doula services, then you are automatically booked onto a Newborn Mothers course at a date and time that is convenient to you (Kirsten will be in touch to arrange this). If you have booked the deluxe package, then your partner is also booked onto the First Aid course.

For a successful postnatal experience for both you and baby, book on to the Newborn Mothers Course now.

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Course dates for 2019/2020

November course: Thursdays 7th November and 14th November 11.30am - 1.00pm, and 5th December 11.30am - 1.30pm

January course: Tuesdays 14th and 21st January 11.00am - 12.30pm and 28th January 11.00am - 1.00pm


£66 for the three week course

£46 to bolt on the second and third sessions if you are attending the antenatal course


Courses are held at Millers Grange Care Home, Curbridge Road, Witney, OX28 5HR (For sat nav please use: OX28 5JZ)