Baby and Mama Relax Class Testimonials


"A great introduction back into fitness post pregnancy. Its nice to be able to do it with my baby." Kirsty, mum to Sophia, February 2017


"My pelvic floor feels much stronger and I have noticed the difference in the way it feels whilst exercising. I enjoyed talking to the other mums at the end of the sessions, and having some time to socialise." Phoebe, mum to Austin, February 2017


"I just wanted to thank you for running the Baby and Mama Relax course. It was the perfect course for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Life has been a bit tough lately with a few things, so to have a bit of time out for me and to come and exercise, and to have a hot drink made at the end - I loved it! The class made me feel special! Thank you so much for the times when you held Amelia so I could carry on - you're so fantastic at what you do! We'll miss you!" Sarah, mum to Amelia, December 2016



"I just wanted to say thank you again for the Baby and Mama Relax class. I have really enjoyed it and it has done me the world of good, both physically and emotionally. It has helped me to feel more comfortable with doing things for myself, and that I can include Amelie in this and that it isn’t at the expense of her. Your gentle words of ‘let Mummy have some time for her’ have encouraged me to maybe leave Amelie for a bit and take that time - not in a bad way, but to feel more comfortable to leave her for a bit and that actually it will give her the time to work things out for herself. I know that you are too sensitive to try and influence how we treat our babies, but your confident and well chosen words have really helped me." Maddy, mum to Amelie, October 2016


"I was unsure what to expect from these sessions but I loved them.  Sarah teaches a range of quick exercises which are easy to achieve and to slot into your routine with a new born. The exercises are so quick and simple you can even do some of them whilst changing a nappy or rocking your little one off to sleep. There are also exercises you can do with your little one if you find it difficult to have some time alone.  I loved this class and would recommend to it everyone." Sarah, mum to Zoë, March 2016


"I'm amazed at how productive the exercises are. It has helped me with the strength of my pelvic floor and got me to do some regular exercise" Sally, mum to Robert, November 2015


“I loved the variety of exercises and stretches. I can really feel it the next day”. Issy, mum to Hennie, July 2015