Second Baby classes

You've already had one baby, so why come back for more classes?

If this is your second baby, chances are you've hardly had a chance to consider this birth journey, as you have been so busy looking after your little one. You may also feel that your needs at an antenatal class are slightly different from first time parents, so you don't want to have to attend a course that takes place over several weeks.

Parents attending a refresher class do so because they want to:

  • learn ways to have a better birth experience this time round
  • practice skills for labour such as breathing, massage or relaxation techniques
  • find practical solutions to the challenges of caring for a newborn and another child


Our individual Second Baby classes are designed to meet these needs.

Held in the comfort of your own home (so you can both attend and don't need to find a babysitter), over the course of 2 hours you will have a chance to:

  • consider your options this time round
  • reflect on your previous experience
  • practice birth skills
  • discuss the challenges of second time parenthood

By working with couples individually, I am able to tailor make each session to the needs of that family. A 2 hour class is £94.00. Please email Sarah for more information, or to book a class:

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