Birth Doula Testimonials

"Having Sarah as our doula for our second son's entry to the world made a huge difference to our experience of birth and we wholeheartedly recommend her. I was traumatised by the birth of our first son, which was a lonely and overwhelming experience. By contrast I feel proud of the birth of our second son - I actually enjoyed a lot of it - thanks to Sarah's preparation before labour, and support during and after our son was born.

Sarah's presence actually allowed my husband and I to feel closer during labour as she was so reassuring and we knew we did not have to grapple big decisions on our own. When challenges arose she simply helped us make our own decisions which felt very empowering and safe.

Sarah is wise, practical and on your side: a brilliant and intuitive birth partner. Don't hesitate to invite her to your birth!"   Molly, mum to Joshua, born April 2016


“Initially sceptical at the idea of having someone else at the birth of our second child I quickly became at ease with Sarah during her pre-birth visits and found her both extremely knowledgeable and a calming influence. During the birth Sarah became one of the team but knew exactly when to step in or let us have our private moments.”  Tom, dad to Charlie, born Jan 2016


"Sarah came to us as a post natal doula when the twins were 4 weeks old, she took over the night shift for us for two nights a week. It was a God send, enabling us to refresh and get some much needed sleep, we couldn't have got through those first few months without her!" Sasha, mum to Lauren and Martha, born December 2015


"I contacted Sarah when pregnant with my second boy. My first birth had been tricky, an induction that resulted in a rather scary caesarean. I was nervous for my second go, particularly as I had to choose between a VBAC and an elective caesarean. I knew a VBAC was the better option for many reasons, but it required me to be brave, so I thought a doula would be a good idea to support me through it. Up until the last minute I hadn't quite decided what to do, and Sarah was very supportive and kind, offering good advice but making very clear it was up to me and that she would be by my side whatever. My husband was also grateful for her presence, he had had a scary experience the first time too.

She was a wonderfully calming presence during the birth, and I think the times we met before the birth were just great. She was empathetic and had a good sense of humour, and there wasn't the hint of superiority in her responses to my worries and thoughts. The birth went well, in that I went into labour naturally and had our boy half a day later, at the JR, with no intervention. It was really quite a healing experience, and Sarah's presence was greatly appreciated.

I think everyone should have a doula, and I recommend Sarah to anyone considering one. And believe me, I was sceptical." Lara, mum to Jacob, born 2015


“I am positively evangelical about having a doula in general, and Sarah in particular. For my first birth, I was keen to have a natural birth and avoid drugs if possible. Sarah played a key role in helping me achieve this. My labour was long, and she was there from the very beginning offering just the right sort of support for both me and my husband. She pushes you along when you need it, and comforts you when you’re starting to flag. I found having her with me kept me confident and calm, as she has the wonderful ability to fill you full of her own belief that you can achieve whatever goals you have for your birth experience. She helped me get through 36 hours of labouring, to successfully birth my first child with only gas and air, which was fantastic in and of itself. But another great thing about Sarah is that she doesn’t stop taking care of you once the baby arrives. She was always there at the end of the phone when I needed her post-birth. One of the best things she does is offers a ‘de-brief’ of the birth. She takes you through the birth story she writes for you and I found this an invaluable way to help me reflect upon what had happened and how I felt about it.

When I became pregnant again I had no doubts that I would want Sarah with me again. This time around I had decided I wanted to have an epidural, a choice Sarah supported just as much as she’d support my decision to do without one in my first birth. I cannot praise this aspect of Sarah’s care highly enough. He focus is always on helping you have the birth you want, whatever that is. She gives realistic, knowledgeable advice to help you achieve that. From the minute she arrives with you at the hospital you feel you’re in great hands because she knows the midwives and how things work so well. She gets on very well with everyone around her, and so becomes an organic, supportive part of your overall care — she works with the midwives while always looking out for you and your needs. And all the while, she has one eye on your partner, making sure he or she is also taken care of, keeping them going and helping them to support you to their very best ability.

In my view, everyone should have a doula when they give birth. She is your advocate in the room, your shoulder to lean on and your sounding board when you need it. I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough!” Imogen, mum to Ollie born 2010 and Sebastian born 2014


“For the birth of my second baby I decided I needed all the help I could get to achieve a natural birth, especially since I’d had a caesarean section the first time round. Despite the reassurance from midwives at the hospital that I would be treated in the same way as a first time mum, I wanted to ensure my birth plan was kept to as much as possible! Sarah was not only the guardian of my birth plan but a calm and reassuring presence. She encouraged me when I was tired and even made me laugh during my labour! My husband was also reassured just knowing that she would be there when I went into labour, and it meant that he could focus on supporting me, while Sarah took care of some of the practicalities. I had an amazing birth experience, it wouldn’t have been the same without her and we cannot thank her enough.” Sam, mum of Audrey, May 2013


“When pregnant with our second baby, our midwife recommended we talk to Sarah to discuss labour and ways to cope naturally as the birth of our first son had been induced, resulting in a highly medicalised labour and birth.

We found Sarah’s calm, pragmatic and positive approach to birth really reassuring and it seemed natural to want her with us for the duration of labour as we knew she would bring a calm and gentle approach. We had never even considered using a doula before as we didn’t think it would be our cup of tea and previously never appreciated what a reassuring and supportive role a doula could play in a birth, and in our case, ensuring that we had the labour we wanted.

Our second labour was very long and drawn out but with Sarah’s help and encouragement we were able to handle the contractions and found the whole process to be a very powerful and rewarding experience. It was also incredibly bonding for my husband and me, as well as with our emerging baby boy - which is a testament to Sarah’s sensitive approach. Sarah did not leave our side for 3 days. She basically moved into our house, timing every contraction and helping with breathing techniques.

When we arrived at hospital we were all exhausted. Sarah was able to update the midwives and miraculously managed to convert a bright, clinical hospital room into a much more relaxing, comfortable place to be in 30 seconds flat! It was particularly reassuring to have Sarah at this point as she was familiar with the midwives at the JR, who seemed to know and respect her opinions. While our midwife was brilliant, it was Sarah who pulled everything together having been with us from the start - she even mopped up my broken waters!

If we had not had Sarah as our doula we are sure that we would have set off for hospital and been sent back a number of times and generally spent a lot more time in hospital rather than at home. The whole experience would certainly have been far more medicalised and stressful. Sarah’s presence ensured that we could labour at home in a calm and natural way. Sarah stayed with us until baby Guy was safely in our arms, feeding well. We could not recommend her highly enough and will always feel indebted to her." Amy, mum of Guy, born August 2012


“We could not have managed without Sarah’s support and calming presence. She helped us negotiate our way through a hospital birth, with smiles and laughs along the way. We will never be able to thank her enough and she is a huge part of Archie’s birth. Having the birth story written down, as it unfolded, was the most amazing gift to have and read afterwards. It will be part of Archie’s life story that he will have for ever. I wish I had such an account of my own birth. However the best thing about having Sarah alongside is her invaluable support afterwards. Neither of us have parents living close by, and so having Sarah’s visits after the birth filled that gap. Knowing that I can always phone her for no nonsense support and advice gives a huge safety net to our little family.”   Fleur, mum of Archie, April 2011


“Sarah was doula at my home water birth. She did everything we needed, from befriending my children beforehand, through baking muffins with them during the labour, to boiling pans of water on the stove when the hot water ran out. Most impressively she managed to both massage my back and hold my hand - underwater - during the final stages of labour. She ended up soaking wet and with backache - a heroic effort! It was so reassuring for us all to know that there would be at least one, calm, friendly, familiar person with us on the day and we were all really pleased that Sarah was there for us.”  Jayne, mum of Daisy, Feb 2008