What it is:

Visualisations for Labour is a great tool to help you learn breathing and relaxation skills during pregnancy, to help you through your labour. Being able to stay calm and focused can make a huge difference, keeping oxytocin and endorphins levels up, which in turn helps you to manage the contractions better.


How it works:

The CD's introduction explains how and why breathing can help during labour, and describes the rationale behind staying as relaxed as possible. The rest of the CD comprises 24 short images, ranging from blowing bubbles to walking through a bluebell wood, picturing your baby inside you to scuba diving in tropical seas. Each image lasts between one and three minutes, about a long as an active labour contraction, to get you used to breathing in a controlled way for that length of time.

The CD is available to purchase as a physical CD for £10 (including p&p within the UK), or as an audio download for £8.


What women are saying abut the CD:

I could not have got through my labour without this CD, anyone who wishes to stay in control and manage the pain should be buying this CD. Make sure you listen to it prior to going into labour as you get your favourites. I downloaded it to my shuffle so I could block out all other noises. I cannot endorse this enough.
Lisa Butler, mum

"As a doula I get to review lots of products designed to support women in preparing for labour. Sarah's CD is one of the best I have listened to and a number of my clients have listened to the visualisations during labour and found it extremely calming. What makes it special for me is that it has many stand alone tracks from which you can pick and choose which suits you best. My personal favourite is " blowing bubbles" which only asks you to visualise the simplest of tasks - as a person that struggles to visualise complex scenarios this is a breath of fresh air (both literally and visually :-))
A very reasonably priced product that you could utilise during pregnancy, labour and beyond to quickly achieve relaxation."
Sarah Cossey, birth doula and co-founder of Birthability

I was able to get through an induced labour on only gas and air using the visualisations and breathing techniques on this CD. Each visualisation is roughly the length of a contraction and you are encouraged to keep your breathing very slow and deep, concentrating on the out breath. This really helped to keep me calm and relaxed during labour and to breathe through each contraction. Listening to the CD also helped me relax in the weeks leading up to the birth.
Sarah K, mum

Visualisation Samples

Here are a couple of free tasters to try before you buy. The more you listen to the images on the CD, the more deeply ingrained they will become in your mind, and so the more likely it will be that you will use them in labour without having to think about them. That way you can let your body labour as it needs to, whilst you are focused on the images in your mind to help to keep you calm and relaxed.




You can either purchase a physical CD (price includes postage within the UK. Please contact us for shipping costs outside the UK), or download a digital version (a link to the MP3 files will be sent to you).

Visualisations for Labour CD
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More reviews:

"This is a wonderful and completely unique CD, designed to help prepare for a positive birth experience. I am a yoga for pregnancy and antenatal teacher and am constantly looking for things to both use in my classes and to recommend to pregnant women, and with this CD I do both.
It is a compilation of 1-3 minute long visualisations designed to help you relax during pregnancy and to sow positive seeds for your birth experience. There are masses to choose from, so you will undoubtedly find something that really resonates, and what is especially lovely is both Sarah's voice - which is soothing without being in any way wishy-washy - and her tone, which is both warm and relaxed. I can not recommend this highly enough."
Nicole Croft, author of The Good Birth Companion

This cd really helped me relax in the weeks building up to birth. The visualisations are very detailed and inventive. This really helped me to relax and meditate with imagery and focus on breathing techniques.
Joanna K, mum

"This CD is excellent and 100% helpful in my opinion. I have found other people's voices irritating on birth CDs and this one is just perfect. Highly recommend it."
Chantal Woog, Midwife

Sarah's CD was a central part of my birth prep and ended up being one of the main things that got me through my water birth. Unable to do a hypnobirthing course, I used it in conjunction with the Katherine Graves book on hypnobirthing. The big difference with this CD is that the visualisations are the length of a contraction. For labour prep it's easy to just listen to a few in the bath - much less daunting than setting aside an hour to listen to one of the much longer visualisation CDs out there. I also felt it was much more in tune with the natural flow of labour. By the time we couldn't have a CD on during labour, it was these visualisations that stayed in my head as they are short yet powerful. Highly recommended! M P, mum