Placenta Testimonials

I just wanted to say many thanks for my wonderful placenta capsules, I am so sure they helped me recover from my c-section really well and I felt full of energy! We also loved the umbilical cord and placenta print, amazing :). I will definitely be back in touch if we are ever lucky enough to have another baby! Cassandra, baby born August 2018

I had my placenta pills from you earlier this year and think they were AMAZING! My milk supply was beyond and everyone kept commenting on how well I looked! I felt the best I've felt post all pregnancies too. Susannah, third time mum, July 2018

Sarah Boyd was great, the capsules were great too and absolutely made a difference to my energy levels. I will freeze and continue taking them longer than the 6 weeks next time.   Anon 2017

I absolutely loved taking placenta capsules! I never felt better, I didn't know what I would do when I finished them! Everyone complemented me on how great I looked and I had a c section! Would so recommend!  Anon 2017

Tablets received yesterday. My blood loss has almost stopped today! The umbilical cord moved me to tears how amazing to see and keep the little cord that gave my gorgeous boy life. Thank you so much for that.  Joanna, baby born September 2017

Placenta pills have been great, I've nothing to compare it to but I've felt completely balanced and have recovered well.  Heather, baby born July 2017

The capsules made me feel balanced and in harmony. I felt a boost of energy even through the lack of sleep of the first days. My mood was positive. They lasted 2 months and then I asked for a tincture to prolong the benefits for life. In addition I had a big milk supply. The best was that I received the capsules very soon after birth so they helped me from the beginning. I highly recommend this service.    Margarita, baby born December 2016

I didn’t know much about placenta encapsulation but had been told by a few people to look into it when I was preparing for the birth of my daughter. Thankfully, I found Sarah’s website almost immediately. It was just what I needed; clear, concise, friendly & helpful information. I booked Sarah’s service for the Dried Placenta Capsules because I was keen to try everything I could to combat any possibility of “baby blues” whilst also giving back nourishment to my body. The capsules arrived in the most beautiful packaging two days after my daughter’s birth! I took them in the advised doses and I just know they helped me to make a swift recovery from my labour. I can happily report that I didn’t not experience any post natal depression - something I am very grateful for.    Laura, baby born October 2016

I can't recommend Sarah Boyd/ Birth Baby Balance placenta encapsulation enough. I had an awful pregnancy including severe pre-natal depression & insomnia (I had never experienced either before). Both I and my Doctors were worried about post natal depression as a result. A friend from the US recommended placenta encapsulation - I am so glad I took her recommendation. I certainly didn't have post natal depression, & despite having a baby (now 7 months) who has never been much of a sleeper, I felt energetic, really happy & healthy post birth (and still do despite the 3 wake ups per night from my baby!) In addition my skin and hair looked fantastic post birth, my milk supply was great (still is) & I felt very balanced despite being a new Mum and previously being really depressed during pregnancy. I also lost any baby weight within a month (& was swimming again within a month). In addition Sarah was completely efficient & easy to work with - I vaguely remember seeing her in the delivery room to pick up my placenta post birth! The capsules arrived a few days later with clear instructions (& actually tasted fine), with a lovely heart made out of my daughter's umbilical cord! I now recommend placenta encapsulation to every pregnant friend. My partner also does the same as he saw what a positive experience I had and the change in my energy levels and overall happiness & health. Thanks so much Sarah & Birth Baby Balance.    Becky, baby born September 2016

I was delighted with the service Sarah provided - my placenta was collected after my son's birth quickly and efficiently and returned to me in capsules and my umbilical cord in the shape of a heart (lovely touch!) within days! I took my capsules for 7 weeks post birth and although this was my first baby so I have no comparison, I felt healed, energetic and full of breast milk straight away! I will most definitely have my future placentas encapsulated with Sarah.        Apryl, baby born September 2016

I decided to have my placenta encapsulated after the birth of my second child. As I had an elective Caesarean I really wanted to help as much as possible in my recovery. I had read about placenta encapsulation and to me it made total sense. I started to take my tablets immediately and I recovered from the operation really quickly and didn't need any additional iron supplements. I started to call them my wonder pills and everyone complimented on how well I had recovered as well as my body snapping back to pre-pregnancy size. To be honest I wondered how I would cope after they had finished as they made me feel really good in myself as well as helping me look after my baby in so many different ways. I would certainly recommend the service Sarah Boyd offered.    Sam, baby born July 2016

The placenta encapsulation service that Sarah offered me was more than I could have asked for. She came through very quickly, and helped me adjust what I needed at the last minute when things did not go exactly to plan. My capsules came through the mail within a couple of days after I delivered. Camille, baby born July 2016

Sarah provided me with placenta encapsulation services when I gave birth in June 2016 and to this day I am so pleased that I opted for this and grateful for the great service that Sarah provided. This was my first child so I don’t have anything to compare my experience to, but I honestly believe that consuming my placenta capsules contributed to mine and my baby’s well being and happiness in the weeks and months following his birth. Despite the usual lack of sleep and wave of emotions that come with having a baby, I felt happy and energised throughout. My milk was plentiful and clearly nutritious as my baby was always satisfied after feeds and put on weight steadily. It was also great to know that in the later months, I had a good supply of tablets for those times when I needed a bit of an energy boost, as I could definitely feel the effects of taking them again for a few days. I would absolutely recommend placenta encapsulation to anyone - I actually find it hard to believe that more people don’t do it and I am so grateful to the friend that made me aware of it. Based on my positive experience, I wouldn’t dream of going into the process of early motherhood without it! I would also highly recommend Sarah’s services - she made it very clear exactly what needed to be done to store my placenta immediately after birth so that my husband could brief the midwives, and collected it from the hospital within the necessary time slot. I received the tablets within a few days of returning home, which I thought was an excellent turnaround. Kate, baby born June 2016