Baby Massage Classes Testimonials

“I found the baby massage course a perfect start for getting out, socialising and doing fun activities with my baby. It was informative and comforting to learn massage techniques and easy ways to sooth my baby. It was lovely to combine massage with songs and to watch my baby develop and enjoy the classes.

Sarah’s positivity and warmth created a wonderfully supportive and relaxed atmosphere and a cup of tea, biscuit and chat really gave a great opportunity for sharing experiences. Receiving a course certificate at the end gave me a sense of achievement and completion and I was delighted to have something to show with mine and my baby’s name on it.

I’d thoroughly recommend all new parents to try out the massage course, but particularly those who might find a new baby a little overwhelming, as you’ll leave the class with a positive/happy feeling and hopefully a sleepy/happy baby.

Additionally the tummy massage techniques have worked very well to sooth my baby’s windy tummy...”  Katie, mum to Bertie, July 2017


"Thanks so much for an excellent course. I have particularly enjoyed the chats at the end of the session as I found you to be really supportive and positive and not the least bit judgemental, which is so often found to be the case."  Jo, mum to Bonnie, October 2016


"This course was fantastic for bonding with baby and massage has become one of our favourite times of the day.  When we show her the massage oil her face lights up and she becomes very chatty.  Massage has really helped improve her eye contact and we really feel connected with her.  Sarah’s tuition is easy to follow and she makes the class feel welcoming and relaxed for both parents and babies."  Sarah C, mum to Zoë, April 2016


"I cannot recommend this baby massage course enough. Sarah's warm and calm demeanour puts everyone at ease, and she is a wealth of knowledge on all things baby!

The course taught me that baby massage is so much more than 'just' massage. It goes back hundreds of years and is commonplace in other cultures. Learning more about massage, rather than just the strokes, was not only fascinating but it also provided context for baby massage so that right from the start the course was extremely relevant. The background information continued to be useful the whole way through, for example I didn't realise there's a right and wrong time to massage your baby.

The benefits of massage for baby are plentiful but actually as a mum it's lovely to learn too; not only does it strengthen your bond with baby but at a basic level it gives you another tool in your mummy toolkit!  If nothing else it's a lovely way to spend some quality time with your baby and fellow mums.  I've been lucky enough to do another baby massage course before Sarah's, and I have to say this one was so much more thorough and professional. It takes a holistic, gentle approach (which is important to me personally), and I've taken a lot from the experience."  Rachel, mum to Isaac, October 2015


"Thank you so much Sarah for a super course. You made everybody feel incredibly relaxed from the start and led the classes at a lovely gentle pace. Tilly and I have really enjoyed having time together to learn massage and movements. It is so special when she really engages and enjoys these moments with just the two of us."  Sophie, mum to Tilly, April 2015


"My baby and I really enjoyed this class. There is a lot more to baby massage than I realised and the class showed us how many benefits there are and how you can fit it in with your daily routine. The instructor was excellent and very knowledgeable on the subject, making the class a relaxed and fun experience for all of us. The class was also a good opportunity to spend time with other local mums and share our experiences."  Jenny, mum to Esme, March 2015