What is a postnatal doula?

We believe that the role of a postnatal doula is to enable and empower women to fulfill their role as a mother by giving support and encouragement in the early weeks of parenting.

Between us, we bring a wealth of personal and professional experience to the support we offer to new mums. We passionately believe that women have an innate understanding of and connection with their baby, though they may not always recognise it themselves.

As a qualified Norland nanny, Sarah had a thorough training in baby and child development before she had her own family, and her interest in these topics has never diminished. As a qualified primary school teacher, life coach and postnatal doula, as well as a mum to a young daughter, Kirsten approaches her support role with compassion and understanding. For both of us, our aim is to help women to trust their mothering instincts and feel confident in their ability to parent as they want to.

We are also able to offer overnight support, to help with breastfeeding if necessary, or give you a chance to get a little more sleep. This can be on an ad hoc basis, or as a regular event.

As this exciting adventure unfolds it is very difficult to quantify the type or amount of help you might require. As postnatal doulas we offer flexible options that range from just a few hours to staying for several days, similar to that of a maternity nurse. Each family is unique and where possible we will adapt the services to suit your needs. Working as a partnership gives us a greater degree of flexibility with regard to the frequency and timing of visits. 


What does a postnatal doula do?

  • Provides you with the time and opportunity to reflect on your recent birth experience.
  • Gives reassurance and encouragement regarding feeding options and techniques, whichever way you have chosen to feed your baby. 
  • Helps practically within the home environment, by doing jobs such as the laundry, shopping, cooking etc where required.
  • Supports the wider family, for example playing with older children or collecting children from school/nursery. 
  • Is available to discuss options of all aspects of postnatal care and development. 
  • Gives you a chance to sleep/rest when you need to, by looking after the baby.




Extended postnatal support

As your journey into parenthood continues, we are also available for extended support with your growing baby. This could include sleep training, weaning and potty training.


What does it cost?

Sarah: £20 per hour for daytime work. Kirsten (as a mentored doula): £15 per hour for daytime work.

Daily rate of £140 for 8 hours (Sarah), £110 (Kirsten).

Overnight bookings (Sarah) taken at £150 per night Sun - Thurs; £180 for Friday nights and £200 for Saturday nights. Overnight bookings are from 9pm - 7am, unless otherwise arranged.

24 hour bookings (Sarah) taken at £230, excluding weekend work.

A £50 non-refundable deposit is required to secure the booking.

For bookings beyond a 20 mile radius of our homes, there will be an additional mileage charge.