Six week daytime courses for parent/s and baby, following the International Association of Infant Massage programme.

Why do it?

Baby massage is a wonderful way to connect with your baby.

The benefits of baby massage are well researched, and include:

  • stimulation (of all the big systems: circulation, digestion, respiration, immune, skin, language, nervous)

  • relaxation (releases stress, produces calming hormones, helps to regulate sleep patterns)

  • relief (sinuses, growing pains, teething, colic, constipation, excess mucous)

  • interaction (bonding, communication, eye contact, one to one activity). It can be performed by the baby’s parents or grandparents or anyone involved in the care of the baby.

Classes are most suitable for babies from eight weeks to six months old, with the optimum age for starting to learn it being from twelve to eighteen weeks (i.e. before the babies are on the move!). 

Click here to read testimonials from previous class attendees.


What happens during the course?

As an IAIM Certified Infant Massage Instructor, I run six week courses with each session lasting approx. one and a half hours. Each week we will focus on a new body part, building up to massaging the whole body by week 4. Towards the end of the course we will also learn some simple yoga inspired stretching exercises for your baby and how to do a short whole body massage routine for when you are short of time.

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Each class includes time for a guided discussion on a postnatal topic, which is a great opportunity to share ideas and enjoy a cuppa!

It doesn't matter at all if your baby cries, needs feeding, is asleep or needs a nappy change during the class - all these things happen all the time, and are just part of having a new baby! Each week we recap everything we have done the previous weeks, so you will always have a chance to catch up on anything you have missed.

I will not be massaging your baby for you, and my role is not that of a massage therapist.

The course is open to a minimum of five and a maximum of twelve parents and babies.


I love having mums with twins in class! I have even once had a mum with triplets come along. There is no additional charge to bring two (or even three!) babies rather than one, and you are welcome to bring along another adult if you feel that an extra pair of hands would be helpful. Very often, it turns out that one twin sleeps through the class, giving the mum time to massage the other twin, or if they are both awake at the same time, she might choose to massage them in turn. There is so much to see, with all the other babies and mums in the room, that the baby who is having to wait their turn has plenty to look at and keep them occupied!


Dads' Class

In response to requests from parents, I have now added an optional class to the end of each course, which is for the dads to bring their babies to. It is on a Saturday morning in Witney, and is open to any dads whose baby has completed a whole baby massage course. We go through all the strokes learnt over the 6 week course, plus the yoga stretches, and have time for a brief chat at the end. This one and a half hour session is a lovely way for dads to spend some time getting to know and connect with their baby better, as well as giving mums a couple of hours of baby-free time! So, everyone wins! Click here for more info on this class.

This session can be booked onto at any time during the course, once you know what the course entails and have had a chance to talk to your partner about whether they would like to come along.

Private Groups

As well as my scheduled courses in Ascott-under-Wychwood and Witney, I can also run courses tailored to your dates and locality, for example if you have an NCT or postnatal group who would like to have a course together. If you would like me to run a course for you and your friends in the comfort of your own home (or the home of one of the group), please contact me to make arrangements. The cost for the hostess is just £46, and for the other attendees is £66. If you live further than 10 miles from Ascott-under-Wychwood, there will be an additional mileage charge added to the cost. 


Course dates 2019

Wychwoods Courses

BM124, Wednesdays 5th June - 10th July, 12.30 - 2.00pm - only 1 space still available!

BM126, Wednesdays 11th September - 16th October, 12.30 - 2.00pm

BM128, Wednesdays 6th November - 11th December, 12.30 - 2.00pm

Witney Courses

BM125, Thursdays 6th June - 11th July, 2.00 - 3.30pm. Spaces available.

BM127, Thursdays 12th September - 17th October, 2.00 - 3.30pm

BM129, Thursdays 7th November - 12th December, 2.00 - 3.30pm


Dads' session

Held in Witney, and open to any baby who has attended the full course.

Saturday 20th July, 10.00 - 11.30am

From August onwards, the dads’ class will no longer be available.


£66.00 for a 6 week course, which includes a bottle of organic massage oil, an illustrated handout booklet and refreshments.

Dads' class £12 if paid in advance, £15 if paid on the day.



Witney courses and Dads' Class held at The Yoga Room, Bridge Street Mill, Witney, OX28 1YH.

Ascott-under-Wychwood courses are held at a private house - the address will be sent when you book on.